Five practices for a more responsive and representative Hispanic panel

Editor’s note: Nelson Merchan is president of CLICROI, a Danbury, Conn., online advertising firm.

Given the importance of the Hispanic consumer in the United States, more and more market research and consumer goods companies have built Hispanic consumer panels and/or online communities. With the significant investments in recruiting and managing these panels, it is crucial to follow practices to improve their ROI and deliver better and faster results. Here are five that we have found to be effective.

Practice 1: Make sure that your panel is Internet-representative. You can achieve this by recruiting Hispanics from a large number of Web sites of all sizes. If your recruitment depends on a very limited number of Web sites you run the risk of having a very unique panel profile.

Practice 2: No Hispanic left behind. Make sure that your registration process is friendly and efficient. You want to attract Hispanics of all ages and profiles.

Practice 3: What’s in it for me? Make sure that the recruitment incentive is attractive to most Hispanics. You do not want to build a Hispanic panel with a very unique profile.

Practice 4: Stay away from questionable panel recruitment practices. Co-registration and incentivized traffic might deliver panelists who would not be as engaged as you would like.

Practice 5: Offer them value and engage them. To achieve higher levels of participation you need to offer more value and have a strategy to engage your Hispanic panelists.

In general, remember to be culturally respectful, make sure that the copy is well-written, use meaningful incentives, do the proper branding and give options. Follow these practices and you will connect better with your Hispanic panelists and garner enhanced insights.

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